General notes

  1. Rules and regulation below regulate structure of all make-up and hairstyling courses in Make-Up-Centre and describes student’s right and responsibilities.
  2. The courses are suitable for candidates 18 years and over
  3. The school provides the highest standards of education and applies various teaching methods to suit individual student’s needs as well as the needs of the group
  4. Equality and diversity laws apply to all students and staff
  5. Data protection act is followed to protects students information
  6. The school is not responsible for any lost property
  7. Coping and distribution of school’s notes and teaching materials is not permitted

Course organisation

  1. The candidates are required a purchase of a set of brushes (min 12 items) prior the commence of their first practical session
  2. Each individual unit lasts 10 full days except evening course that lasts 10 evenings
  3. Extending the course is allowed in 12 months period from the start date of foundation course
  4. Full time course teaching hours are 10am-5pm with 1h lunch break allocated by the teacher depending of the daily teaching plan
  5. Evening course begins 6pm and ends at 9pm with 15 mins break allocated by teacher
  6. Filming and recording in the studio is not permitted
  7. Taking pictures is allowed only if teacher’s and model’s permission is obtained
  8. Mobile phone and electronic divides are turned off during lessons
  9. Eating and drinking is not allowed in the studio
  10. The student can retake practical exam following confirmation of the payment of examination fee and allocation of the date
  11. The student receives the Certificate of Completion following successful practical exam and submitting all documentation on time
  12. To take a practical exam the student must attend min 80% , complete 100% of variations and achieve a min 80% of theory paper (foundation course only)
  13. During practical sessions students work on each other

Candidates rights and responsibilities

  1. The right to safe learning environment , use of the premisses, products and other school resources according to the terms and conditions of the school
  2. The right to be treated equally regardless the age, sex, race, background, appearance, religion
  3. The right to feel free to contact the school’s staff to propose ideas in regards of the school life or school organisation
  4. The right to protection of personal details
  5. Must  follow teachers’s instructions
  6. Must attend the lessons punctually
  7. Must follow the rules and regulations of the school
  8. Must attend health and safety briefing on the first day of the foundation course
  9. Must follow health and safety rules during practical sessions
  10. Must behave and present themselves in the professional manner

Disciplinary procedures

Breaking terms and conditions of the school will result in the disciplinary procedures being implemented and in the extreme cases Police will be called.

  1. Offensive, obusive or violent behaviour towards the students or school staff distracting learning process
  2. Theft, vandalism or destruction of school’s or fellow student’s property
  3. Student under influence of alcohol or any toxic substance will be safely removed from the school’s premises
  4. Process of removing from the list of students follows 2 verbal and 1 written warning.
  5. Distracting class by constant lateness will affect the attendance and will trigger disciplinary procedures
  6. The school may refuse participation in special events the students with the ongoing disciplinary issues

Fees and refunds

  1. Students are only allowed to commence the course if all payments have been made and received by school min. 7 days prior the start date
  2. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable and are only credited towards booked course
  3. Failing to attend the confirmed course for any reason will result  in loss of any monies paid
  4. There is no teaching days on the bank holiday days and there is no extra teaching days allocated
  5. The fees are non-refundable or non- transferable in case of any unpredictable events distracting, delaying or canceling the learning activities (any accident, illness, crime, act of terrorism, natural disaster, failure of utilities etc)

Data protection Act

  1. All personal details are processed according to the law data protection act
  2. Strict security procedures and storing of the personal information in order to prevent an access of unauthorised parties. That resolves in requirement of ID prior of sharing personal information