Foundation Make-Up Course (level 1) is suitable for anybody who is looking for the make-up artistry as the future career in the creative industry. There is no requirement for any previous experience in make-up as the foundation course is designed to teach from very basics of the subject. Unit 1 covers understanding of skin structure, preparation, choice of make-up products, modern application techniques and understanding of the profession of make-up artist. The training program represents the highest standards in the educational establishments around the world.

Foundation Course prepares the students for their external exam to achieve their CIBTAC Award. Apart of the possibility of achieving international qualifications, all candidates receive the Make-Up-Centre Certificate (terms and conditions apply).





PRICE: 2500.00PLN


  • 11.02-22.02.19
  • 08.04-19.04.19
  • 03.06-14.06.19
  • 22.07-02.08.19
  • 09.09-20.09.19

The Foundation Make-Up Course covers:

-understanding of the make-up artist profession: health  & safety, communication and understanding of the client, importance of hygiene in the industry, make-up kit and tools, career development

-facial anatomy, skin types, skin conditions, skincare products and correct skin preparation and use of skin primers

-correct choice and application of colour correctors, different types of foundations, concealers and powders

-correct choice and application of bronzers, highlighters, shaders

-colour choice, application and blending of various eye techniques

-correct choice and application of various eyeliners, mascaras, false lashes (strip and individuals)

-understanding the correct shape and colour of the eyebrows

-creating a perfect lip shape using various lip products (pencils, lipsticks, glosses),

-correct choice and application of blushers

Completing the Make-Up-Centre foundation course results in ability of designing and perfect application of a day, evening, bridal and special occasion make-up for clients in all ages, with different skin colours, types and conditions.